CBD and South East Light Rail

An important safety message

In planning for Tomorrow’s Sydney, the NSW government are building a new light rail line to provide fast, reliable public transport from Circular Quay, through the CBD, to Kingsford and Randwick via Surry Hills, Moore Park and Kensington

Throughout the project, ALTRAC employees will work to minimise construction impacts wherever possible and to consult with the community.

ALTRAC Staff should ALWAYS carry photo identification in the form of a project identification card.

You should ALWAYS ask staff to produce their project identification card to prove they work on the project. If you are unsure, please refuse access, ask the person for their details, and call the project enquiry line on 1800 684 490 for more information.

ALTRAC staff should never ask to enter your property unless previously advised (except in the rare case of an emergency)

If employees need to access your property for a routine inspection or any other reason, they should arrange an appointment with you in advance. This may be arranged with you by telephone, email, or door knocking and they should always provide a clear reason for the need to access your property and arrange to do so at a time that suits you. You should always ask to see their identification.

If you have concerns about someone asking to access your property: Please call the 24 hour construction response line on 1800 775 465.
If you are concerned for your safety:

Please contact the Surry Hills Police Station on 9265 4144. In case of emergency dial 000.

For more information:
Project enquiries: 1800 684 490
Urgent enquiries or complaints, call 24-hour Construction Response Line: 1800 775 465 Email: projects@transport.nsw.gov.au Visit: www.sydneylightrail.com.au
For the latest information on construction dates and locations: www.livetraffic.com